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Luminaire Reuse Initiative and LED Retrofit Solution to Avoid Disaster

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LED technology can mitigate these environmental consequences. LED technology saves energy and reduces the emission of carbon dioxide. However, in the past, most companies didn’t design the LED retrofit lamp properly nor did they educate the consumer regarding its correct use.

E-WASTE is getting worse and worse worldwide, but luminaire waste will cause even more serious problem while everyone goes for GREEN LED lighting. According to statistical data, there are more than billions of luminaire sold, which also means millions of tons of luminaire waste will impact our environment, even worse than other E-WASTE.

To preserve our environment for future generations we must establish corporate policies promoting the ‘Luminaire Reuse Initiative.’ It’s our responsibility as good stewards of the environment and members of our communities to communicate, educate and promote the ‘Luminaire Reuse Initiative.”

Our series LED retrofit products can effectively support this Initiative and reduce the possibility of upcoming disaster. Initially, we designed the real “plug and play” LED retrofit lamp compatible with electronic ballast(EB) fixtures, which can cover T5 tube T8 lamp, 2G11 and G24/G23 bulbs. Those EB products are not only to achieve high safety, compatibility and reliability, but also to use as less resource as possible. Except LED chips, there are only few passive electronic components needed on the PCB to operate LED.

Next we invented the second- generation LED with additional function that was suitable for working with alternating current(AC) extend the service for another minimum 3 years. This gave the LED an eight-year lifespan.

As for linear fluorescent lamp, there have different ballast in magnetic and electronic. The average users don’t can’t tell them apart. This causes safety issues.

Subsequently, we designed the user friendly, “One for All” LED retrofit linear tube. It works with magnetic ballast, electronic ballast and AC. This one-for-all LED lamp is one of a kind innovative solution in general lighting.

Currently our company optimizes the design and modulizes our LED products. We use minimal resources and make our products amazingly competitive and affordable. We are committed to our global community and the environment.

By providing access to LED lighting across the globe, we intend to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide! Saving energy is accomplished by the reduction of electronic waste. We are not climate change specialist. However, our research, commitment to our communities can make the world a cleaner and brighter place.

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