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The BEST owns one of the kind patent which is our core technology. We have developed all-round products compatible with  AC/ECG/CCG, including T5,T8,CFL, G24,2G11.  The BEST is the first company to invent all-compatible retrofit  LED tube fully complying with the requirements of  IEC/EN 62776 and CNS 15829.


Compatible Technology

  Our electronic ballast (ECG) compatible LED retrofit tube brings ease and simplicity to your lighting project. Just directly replace fluorescent lamp (FL) with plug and play installation as well as reuse your luminaire to save the planet by reducing electronic waste. Hugely Lower recycling fee and installation labor cost.

        The parameters in our LED retrofit tubes are designed exactly the same as traditional FL, just with better LED light engine inside. Based on amazing and unique ECG compatibility technology, we develop two major series: ECGsmart and ECGall.

ECGsmart series for use in smart lighting:

     ECGsmart series (T5, T8, G24q, 2G11) LED retrofit tube can work with ECG and dimmable LED driver compatibility.

ECGall series for use in multi-function application:

     ECGall series (T5, T8, G24q, 2G11) LED retrofit tube can work with ECG, CCG, non-dimmable LED drive or AC main power compatibility. The end-users need not concern the applicability in luminaire, even though the fixtures have been bypassed or rewired.

Products feature:

high safety, all-rounded compatibility,  high energy saving rate

High safety

Safety is always first priority in our design for EB tube which  includes the following functions :

  1. Over Current Protection
  2. Over Voltage Protection
  3. Over temperature Protection

highly suitable in any industrial  place without hazardous  heat or flickers.


Retrofit LED tube has the same design parameters as fluorescent lamp, which allows to be compatible with any brand or type of  ballast in luminnaire, such as  rapid starter, preheat starter, instant start types.  Amazingly, we have developed the one and only worldwide  LED  tube used for  ECG and CCG with mains AC power.

Energy-efficient rate

Directly replace conventional lamp with electronic ballast  and won’t cause any additional power consumption.

Products design concept

Design based on Circular economy : 99% recyclable

Long lifetime:
Our products have designed out capacitor and inductor, so their lifetime can be guaranteed more than 50000 hours.

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