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New LED solution for old G23 CFL in serial connection

April 21, 2019

New series of G23 LED lamps just come out to directly replace old G23 CFL, especially for the old G23 CFL whose luminaire needs them to be in serial connection with ballast.

Once again, my company not only demonstrates our R&D capability, but also is glad to help our client develop high quality G23 LED lamp, which is not easy to find anywhere else.

Our R&D team works closely with the business development to generate innovative concepts and ideas, and make them become excellent LED lamp across direct retrofit areas. We truly believe that direct retrofit solution can really help customers saving more installation and electricity cost.

In the near future, we will apply the same mature technology to develop solution for 2 feet T8 fluorescent tubes in serial connection with ballast.

All in all, direct replacement is the most effective manner to prevent luminaire and its ballast from being waste.  We always keep this in mind: we only have one earth, so we have to love it with all our heart.

Here is test video:



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