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Luminaire Reuse Initiative(cont’d): The innovative invention of T5 LED retrofit tube

July 28, 2017

Many commercial places have installed various luminaires with T5 fluorescent tube(FL) inside to save more energy and money. When designing LED retrofit tube suitable for replacing FL, LED drivers are often used. However, the room of T5 tube is too small to allow LED driver to get in. Also the T5 lamp current is way too sensitive for LED driver to work with electronic ballast(safety issue). This is why it’s not often to see T5 LED retrofit lamp on the market. In order to save luminaire and our planet, and reduce users’ various costs, our company invents truly electronic ballast compatible T5 retrofit. With unique approach and without using LED driver, we design the retrofit tube just like traditional FL to achieve ultra high compatibility. Only use passive electronic components to reach the longest lifetime. Over current protection fuse in two ends of tube to guarantee safety. As for energy saving, our Retrofit can even reduce the ballast power consumption up to 5W. Everything we do is to provide excellent quality retrofit tube, and motivate users to do good for our planet by avoiding unnecessary spending. Please support and share this initiative.


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