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ECGsmart and ECGall Product feature:

  • ♦Reuse luminaire
  • ♦Comply with safety requirement
  • ♦Trusted high reliability with long lifespan
  • ♦Replace with directly simple and easy installation
  • ♦Provide huge energy saving with best ROI
  • ♦Support 1 ballast to multi-lamps
  • ♦Don’t need ballast compatibility list
  • ♦Perfect for retail market or DIY user
  • ♦Reduce ballast power consumption
  • ♦Save more on man-hour(s) and cost of maintenance
  • ♦ECGall series can extendable life time from 5 years to 8 years  
  • ♦ECGsmart series can be used in smart lighting applicaiton



Core technology:

  • ♦Electronic ballast compatibility tech for  T5, T8, 2G11 & G24q retrofit 
    1. • No LED driver needed
    2. • Over current design
    3. • Over temp. design
    4. • No liquid capacitor used
    5. • Thermo management
    6. • Low LED drive current
  • ♦Smart lighting compatibility tech for  ECGsmart T5, T8, 2G11 & G24q retrofit series
    1. • Dimming usage
    2. • other various controllability  
  • ♦All compatible tech for ECGall T8, 2G11 & G24q  LED retrofit series
    1. • T8 LED tube can perfectly work with magnetic ballast, electronic ballast and AC line voltage(100V~265V) at the same time.
    2. • 2G11 and G24q LED bulb can perfectly function with electronic ballast and AC line voltage(100V~265V).
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