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Double-capped LED lamps designed to retrofit linear fluorescent lamps –Safety specifications IEC 62776

February 3, 2017

This International Standard specifies the safety and interchangeability requirements, and the exchange operation together with the test methods and conditions required to show compliance of double-capped LED lamps with G5 and G13 caps, intended for replacing
fluorescent lamps with the same caps, having:
– a rated power up to 125 W;
– a rated voltage of up to 250 V.
Such LED lamps are designed for replacement without requiring any internal modification of
the luminaire.
The existing luminaires, into which the double-capped LED lamps are fitted, can be operated
with electromagnetic or electronic controlgear.
The requirements of this standard relate only to type testing.
Recommendations for whole product testing or batch testing are given in Annex A.
NOTE 1 Where in this standard the term “lamp(s)” is used, it is understood to stand for “double-capped retrofit LED lamp(s)”, except where it is obviously assigned to other types of lamps.
This standard does not cover double-capped conversion LED lamps where modification in the luminaire is required. The requirements in this standard are given for general lighting service
(excluding for example explosive atmospheres). For lamps for other applications additional
requirements may apply.
NOTE 2 This standard includes photobiological safety.



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