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AC mains T5 HO 4F LED tube

1149mm T5 LED tube, T5 LED tube

Great design LED tubes offer longer time than traditional fluorescent tubes. Suitable for AC mains voltage ( 100V ~ 240V) input from LED fixtures or old luminaire whose ballast has been bypassed or removed. Simply plug & play with safe and easy installation.


(Model: AC-in T5 HO 4F 24W LED tube)

  • ●Effective to T5 HO 54W 1149mm fluorescent tube with simple rewiring of fixture.
  • ●Compatible with mains voltage (100V ~ 240V)
  • ●Non-integrated outlook with double ended input
  • ●Color rendering index Ra ≥ 82
  • ●CCT available: 2700K ~ 6500K
  • ●30,000 hour lifespan
  • ●SDCM ≤ 5 for excellent color consistency.
  • ●No bending with good quality Aluminum hous
  • ●No mercury or hazardous materials
  • ●Please note: Only suitable for working with AC mains voltage with double ended input fixture ( L and N mains at the different side of LED tube)


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AC mains input T5 HO 24W 1149mm LED tube
Descriptions Value
Replacement Target Old T5 HO 54W Fluorescent tube
Compatibility mains input (100V ~ 240V)
Wattage 24W
Conventional Wattage Equivalent 54W
Base Cap Mini bi pin G5
Life Span (Hours) 30000 hrs
Beam Angle (Degrees) 140
Lumens 3120 lm
Lumens per Watt 130 lm/W
Diameter 16mm
Length 1149 mm
Color Rendering Index (CRI) Ra > 82
Color Temperature (CCT) 2700K ~ 6500K
Rotatable end cap Available in plastic cap upon request
End cap material Aluminum or plastic
PC cover Clear / frosted


Product Model: AC-IN T5 HO 4F LED tube
Order number Direct Retrofit Target
SW-T5HO4F-27K-AL  T5 HO 54W 2700K Fluorescent tube
SW-T5HO4F-30K-AL  T5 HO 54W 3000K Fluorescent tube
SW-T5HO4F-40K-AL  T5 HO 54W 4000K Fluorescent tube
SW-T5HO4F-50K-AL  T5 HO 54W 5000K Fluorescent tube
SW-T5HO4F-60K-AL  T5 HO 54W 6000K Fluorescent tube
SW-T5HO4F-65K-AL  T5 HO 54W 6500K Fluorescent tube


We provide LED solutions of AC main voltage input T5 LED tubes with high performance and excellent quality. With high quality built-in LED driver, AC-IN T5 HO 24W LED tubes can offer tremendous energy savings and longer lifetime in order to shorten payback times with attractive TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

My company has accumulated lots of LED technology, so we are able to help customers to design and develop customized products to their unique specifications. Any time, welcome to visit our website or contact with our LED specialist by email to get more information about our T5 LED tube solutions.


Product Model: ECGsmart T5 HE 4F LED tube
Order number Direct Retrofit Target
ES-T5HE4F-27K-AL Traditional T5 HE 28W 2700K Fluorescent tube
ES-T5HE4F-30K-AL Traditional T5 HE 28W 3000K Fluorescent tube
ES-T5HE4F-40K-AL Traditional T5 HE 28W 4000K Fluorescent tube
ES-T5HE4F-50K-AL Traditional T5 HE 28W 5000K Fluorescent tube
ES-T5HE4F-60K-AL Traditional T5 HE 28W 6000K Fluorescent tube
ES-T5HE4F-65K-AL Traditional T5 HE 28W 6500K Fluorescent tube

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