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Benson Energy Saving Technology ( BEST) is an original design manufacturer located in Taiwan.  We design the innovative T5, T8, G24 and 2G11 LED retrofit products just like fluorescent ones.  In other words, our retrofit products have exact the same parameters as FL, just with better LED light engine and without LED driver inside..

In response to global climate change and the unstoppable trend of low-carbon economy, the BEST has seriously taken social responsibility of environmental protection as our mission. We promote ” Lumiaire Reuse Initiative” to avoid emerging E-WASTE disaster and try to give “old luminaire a new life.”   The concept can be said as “ Reuse the lumininaire. Save the planet. Light the future.”

We have not only innovated lots of LED core technologies, but also actively developed relevant products and service with high integrity and applicability, which allow us to provide those green products with competitive price and promote the usage of renewable energy.

The BEST owns unique patents for LED retrofit products which can directly replace traditional ones, especially in low pressure discharge lamps. Our approach is simple and easy to help people reuse existing usable light fittings and keep on the track of circular economy.

The product strategy is based on the core technology of electronic ballast (ECG) compatibility to develop two major series of LED lamps: ECGsmart series and ECGall series.  ECGsmart series , including T5、T8、G24、2G11 LED lamps, not only work with ECG, but also function with external dimmable LED driver so as to meet the needs of future smart lighting. The transition between ECG and LED driver is seamless and painless as well as follow the trend of circular economy. ECGall series, also covering T5、T8、G24、2G11 LED lamps, have multi-functional compatibilities. Except the ECG compatible, ECGall can function with CCG( T8 only), direct AC main power or external non-dimmable LED driver to meet users’ different application needs.

The BEST positions ourselves as professional and integrated service company , so we can provide High Quality products to meet and even exceed customers’ needs and expectations. Even though globalized competitions among LED industry have brought great deal of challenges, the BEST has the faith to deal with those challenges and transform them into opportunities by devoting technology innovation in LED as well as building up close partnerships with customers.

Our service:
♦ ODM of T5, T8, 2G11 and G24q patented products
♦ Customized OEM product with various electronic ballasts
♦ Turnkey Solution
♦ Lighting as a Service
♦ Special lighting projects

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