Core technology:


  1. 1.Electronic ballast compatibility tech for  T5, T8, 2G11, & G24q retrofit 

    • No LED driver needed

    • Over current design

    • Over temp. design

    • No liquid capacitor used

    • Thermo management

    • Low LED drive current

  2. 2.Smart lighting compatibility tech for  ECGsmart T5, T8, 2G11 & G24q retrofit series

    • Dimming usage

    • Other various control ability  

  3. 3.All compatible tech for ECGall T8, 2G11 & G24q  LED retrofit series

    • T8 LED tube can perfectly work with magnetic ballast, electronic ballast and AC line voltage(100V~265V) at the same time.

    • 2G11 and G24q LED bulb can perfectly function with electronic ballast and AC line voltage(100V~265V).

Our LED lighting ECGsmart and ECGall Product feature:


  • Reuse old luminaire

  • Comply with safety requirement

  • Long lifespan up to 50,000 hours

  • Simple and easy installation

  • Support 1 ballast to multi-lamps

  • No need ballast compatibility list

  • Perfect for retail market or DIY user

  • Reduce ballast power consumption

  • Reduce electricity costs

  • Save more on man-hour(s) and cost of maintenance

  • ECGall series can extendable life time from 5 years to 8 years  

  • ECGsmart series can be used in smart lighting application


Our Company

Benson Energy Saving Technology (BEST) is an international provider of retrofit solutions for LED lighting with its customers spreading all over Taiwan, Japan and extending to Europe and other countries.  With many years’ experience we have provided for more than 25 countries and help hundreds of industrial and commercial companies to transform to the LED lighting with less efforts and installation expense. By doing so, we have made big progress on achieving sustainability by saving countless amount of luminaires from being dumped.

You can find our solutions in Carrifour, TSMC, CTCI, Chimay Material, TYC, Delta Electronics and others.

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